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Sunday, 15 May 2011 05:40

DJC's still pumpin 'em out!

Here's a few new ones by DJC! These are HOT!!! Check em Out!

He continues to pump them out. He uses a patient process, to produce some solid tracks that you can dance too.

So DJC's here with more SIZZLIN' tracks straight off the stove check em out and try not to get burned. ROCK ON!!!


Andy Caldwell Featurin Gramma Funk -Funkin' Nasty (DJC ATL 2011 Bootleg)

Andy Caldwell Download

Published in DJC-ATL
Friday, 13 May 2011 05:14

Profilin' DJC

DJC ATL is a local Atlantan guru of the art of mix and mash.  A detailed practicioner of finding the right music and vocal parts of a song and patiently piecing them together, to make a thorough and most complete track for the world to enjoy.  Mixing a wide range of styles and genres from electropop, progessive dance, to house  Ladies and Gentlemen "cop a feel" of DJC{jcomments on}.   

Published in DJC-ATL

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