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Music @ Park Tavern July 2, 2011 Featured

Post: 14 July 2011 by: M. Amazo in: Out-N-About
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Heavy Mojo

We were at Park Tavern on a hot summer balmy night. The setting is picturesque like a dream, not knowing where it was going but ready to have some fun.


Under an elegant canopy, surrounded by smaller candle lit canopies, you wonder what King's village you were in and what experience might arise. And Boom!!! You are hit with a bomb of energy and thrill!

The thrill begins with Grand Prize Winners From Last Year. Energy and movement that uses every single inch of space they can touch and dazzling every eye that watches. They deliver music that is quick and pumped with plenty of movement various elements arriving from different lands.

Then we arrive in the hall or better yet the universe of Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun. This universe abounds with fruitful nurishment of what music is and what music is to become. Universe's aren't sprouted in a day, they grow over and into time. This band has done the same. Being tasty reminders of what we found yesterday, with room to grow of a tree with bountiful fruit. The vocals sail and the drums rhythms drive you though, with the neccasary support of the medly coming from guitars and a weighty but yet grounded bass that drives with the drums. Their music is good and it bounces. Warm well experieced, but still yet fuzzies, find you as Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun.

...and good, bright, happy, wake yo' ass up, deep, and wonderful Saturday morning, in the evening! Get Down with Heavy Mojo! Maverics of the stage and mic these cats are here to challenge and delight. They deliver with a guitar, bass, and drum unit that drives straight up and down dance grooves, that gets us enthrawled along with bodies moving. A "so pretty" MOJO of letting go of oneself is what we find. Fist pumping and waist wigglin' with a comfort and familiararity that provides a breathy weight. You do what you can to withhold your smile. Whoever knew this much fun could be had on a hot summer night. Then BAM! again a new bomb of the mavericks hitting you in the face. With smart and genuine lyrics that envelope directly into the music being the address and the seal with no need for a return. Sent to the post office with an eranesty and timelyness that bounces and punches with the music, hooking the listener. Telling the listener to engage. Then the MOJO is weighed and it is only one weight. Heavy! They are coming with a new album and if this performance is any reference as to what is to come, then none of us know how heavy mojo can be, and welcome to the dictionary two new words Heavy Mojo!!!!

Rock ON!!!

Last modified on Monday, 18 July 2011 05:23

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