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Gringo Star At The Earl Featured

Post: 20 September 2011 by: LJJ in: Out-N-About
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Have you ever had that euphoric feeling after a first date…the one where you giddily ponder if she or he might be the one? You imagine dropping the “l” bomb but hesitate because you know it’s just too soon. Well I’m not going to hesitate.
I saw Gringo Star for the first time on Friday at the Earl and I LOVE them.

I have to admit it was kind of hard to write about them when my hands would break into spontaneous bouts of clapping but I will do my best. Re-reading my notes looks like I was writing on a rollercoaster, and in a sense I was.

As I watched these guys glide effortlessly around the stage, I could picture them performing with equal comfort and universal appeal on the Ed Sullivan Show, Saturday Night Live, The Tabernacle (my favorite Atlanta music venue) and Madison Square Garden. But for now the intimate setting at The Earl was ideal. In the blink of an eye, band members Peter Furgiuele, Nicholas Furgiuele, Pete DeLorenzo, and Chris Kaufmann shared the spotlight and shifted fluidly from lead vocals to keys to kit to bass, and to guitar. I couldn’t help myself from grinning ear to ear and feeling like I was five feet away from something very, very special.

The Friday night show at the Earl kicked off a tour promoting their new album, Count Yer Lucky Stars which will be released by the Gigantic Music label on October 25th. Described as “catchy and instantly classic pop music,” Gringo Star’s sound is irresistible. Their music has a contemporary American rock feel with a timelessly classic appeal. Yep – this is a band I’d like to grow old with.
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