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And That Is Why Featured

Post: 10 September 2011 by: M. Amazo in: Out-N-About
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fili frontATL. "AATeeeeYELLL!" ATL. "ATeeeeYELL", and yes, ....And That Is Why, rocked the lounge. Soft, soft and then hard, and then soft, that was the way it felt, ATL.

For their was the soft music from the previous bands and then the BOOM of And That is Why at the Low Five Lounge.


From the gun shots ringing from the snare drum, from the easy melodies to fire from the lyrics, to the solid melodic changs of the guitar's rhythm driving through the set. And That Is Why "ATL" should get out and enjoy some good music. Get up and push some body and yell AaaTeeYell. Right on, come on!!!!

The gig started out quiet, two soloist sets, a trio that led to a band of two called And That Is Why. The mood was good, if not sweet, with anxiety building for the reason for the night. Yeah, why are we here and what are we to do? Clapping uselesly? Who needs claps of patronage, and then the fun feelings of a room take over, and find their reason in And That Is Why.  Normally, a band of three, this night becomes a band of two with a cardboard cut out. From Fili sweetly singing the solo 'Love You So' by "King Khan and BBQ Show", to Dillon exploding on the drums leaving nothing behind, And That is Why was found present and pounding.

The music dialed in with identity and control. The legend had already begun. Songs were known, from 'I Like Playin Guitar', to the representation of 'ATL' and all that is driven by a strong and powerful car of two. One could only imagine if the third was there this night. People from upstairs came down and found themselves inthrawled in the pleasantries of a night and the pleasantries of fun.

...and that is why "And That is Why" rocked the Low Five Lounge. ATL get out and have some fun and check out And That is Why.

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