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Gurufish 21st Century Funk Featured

Post: 29 August 2011 by: LJJ in: Out-N-About
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From the minute Gurufish took the stage at Peachtree Tavern, heads started turning and bodies slid
out of their bar stools to saunter onto the dance floor.
Gurufish’s arena soul sound was far too big for
Peachtree Tavern’s little stage – but that didn’t stop Jimmy St. James and his fantastic band from putting
on a killer show.Their funk-anthem lyrics and contagious beats lured fans and first-timers alike onto the
dance floor. And once the venue’s sound guy got his act together, Gurufish kicked it into hyperdrive.

The 9 piece ensemble of background singers, congo players, saxophone, 6-string bass, background keys,
drum-kit, and guitar lifted Jimmy St. James’ seductive vocals and keys to super-star status. In fact, one
of the things that made this group so much fun to watch was the rock-star personae that shone from
every sequin that sparkled on that stage.{galley}gf2{/gallery}

Their non-stop set featured original songs with groove that doesn’t quit along with covers of The Time
Prince classics to which they added a funky Gurufish Twist. Listeners couldn’t help but flood the dance
floor when they broke into “Kiss” but that audience reaction didn’t even compare to what happened
all around the stage when they played their original song “Touch Your Body.” Let’s just put it this way.
Gurufish sang that song, and the fans followed directions. It was smokin’!

For funk, rhythm and dance-groove lovers, this band is a must see. Their timeless message of: spread
the love; stop the violence; move your body; and party on wins speaks to funk-music fans of all
ages. From fans who grew up with the genre to fans who don’t know “The Walk” from “The Bird”
(but know great music when they hear it) Gurufish is a must see. Check them out on their website: or friend them on Facebook (where you can find a HOT video for “Touch Your Body”)
and be sure to see them the next time they play!
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