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JoyScout @ Twains: August 18, 2011

Post: 19 August 2011 by: LJJ in: Out-N-About
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JoyScout @ Twains

Rising above the beer-fueled bar banter, the unmistakable harmonies of JoyScout filter through the ambient buzz of a busy Thursday night at Twains.
The sound check earns a few curious glances, and works to pique the interest of the bar and billiards clientele. When Emily Kate Boyd and Nicki Thrailkill begin singing in earnest, heads begin to turn.  People stop to look, listen, and soak it all in.   A couple holding hands walks around to check out the sounds, then picks the closest available table to the stage.  J, who poked her head in for a quick visit, quickly fell in love.  “I was planning on staying for an hour tops – but now I just feel like hanging out.” 

Joining Emily and Nicki on stage were Jesse Tyler (keys, vocals, you name it) a phenomenal artist in his own right, and Diana on kit.  Jesse also performed two of his original songs with Emily rocking out on bass.  Nicki performed her beautiful ballad, “Six String Love”, and Brad Lee Zimmerman, of Athens band The Orchids made a cameo appearance for a few of the songs.

JoyScout ended the evening with a raunchy, rousing blues number called Hummingbird to complete the set with audience supplied lyrics for the chorus.

Once again, JoyScout wows fans and newbies alike, with their sheer talent, their versatility, and their rich, raw, resonant sound.  If you missed them this time around, be sure to check them out on August 28th at Eddies Attic at 7:30 pm.
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