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S P I N E S Featured

Post: 15 August 2011 by: M. Amazo in: Out-N-About
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Broad Spines ProfileThe lack of imperfection but the neccessity of pleasure and strength. SPINES, without them, we don't walk, but with them we gain identity, integrity, and we thrive. Some music is better than others just are SPINES.

Their music holds solid and true. Not lying for the wrong reasons, but existing for the untempered truth of what music and life can be. The comfort of what is challenging, makes a bed for the complex. SPINES.  SPINES' effection is found in steadied patience, that is tried and true. However energy, performance, and function transist into rare lands of embodiement, not met before. Thankful and yet cautious, for that which is  given, and that isn't going to stop giving.


Spines TranscendenceOn this night, the first band displays attractive easy pallets that blend with easy melodies but challenging voicings. The second band is a band of individual stars, that reign in their own universes. To each his or her own, but to each come SPINES. Music, that walks straight and upright, holding the stucture, that leads into good todays and brighter tomorrows. Sweet dreams of floats down distant rivers, but yet a comfort in the unfamiliar, surrounds you. Easy to take for granted, but one must pay respect to the strength and the support of thought, that are SPINES. Beatiful is a face. Strong are arms. Desirous, yet caring, are hearts. Paient, yet labor ridden are feet and legs. None find their purpose without SPINES.

On August 12, 2011. The nature of true strength being taken for granted was found. Surely matters of opinion, nonetheless, opinion finds its way inside the definitions of faith and simple healing.  Living the moment and existing in mere indulgence in what life can give, finds an anology in spines, and as in Augst 12,2011 @ The Highland Inn Ballroom, SPINES.  They return to the premise that music doesnt neccessarily need to be copied or chased. SPINES deliver music that exisits and persists in the growth and maturation of good ideas, patient solidarity, and transcendent grooves. Their music floats through any challenge while providing strength and hope for better music to come. You find that something has been taken for granted, something has been with you the whole while, and something has supported the cause of a certain life and music. Such are spines, and such are SPINES.

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