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Band of Skulls chats with MusicManiaX @ Music Midtown

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Band of Skulls RussellBand of Skulls talk to Music Maniax about Jet Lag, Sound Checks, and the BBC.

The plan was simple.  We would check out Band of Skull’s at 4:30pm, squeeze in 30 minutes of another act, and then dash over to the media station ready for Band of Skull’s 6pm press conference.  Yep, that’s what we thought would go down, but then something unexpected happened.  We were the press conference.  So instead of being one small voice in a sea of 99Xers and Creative Loafers, we had the pleasure of joining Band of Skulls on the plush sofa and easy chair and conversing about the amazing day.  Skulls and Maniax – up close and personal.

Loving Music Midtown


And this was awesome, because Band of Skulls absolutely rocked.  Matthew Hayward (drums) Russell Marsden (guitar and vocals) and Emma Richardson (bass and vocals)  were three of the most genuinely wonderful humans with whom we have had the pleasure to chat.  And the whole time that we spoke and laughed together, I kept trying to wrap my head around how three people could create such a huge sound.  Their live set included “Light of the Morning” (which you may recognize from a current Ford Mustang Commercial) Dim lights   And even though there were only three of them on stage, they produced an energy that surged through the thousands who rocked out to their awesome performance.  

Band of Skulls Emma                                

Sitting on the sofa in the media station, Russell Marsden smiled as he described the whirlwind of a trip that brought the band, who hail from Southampton ( southern coast of England)  to Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia.  Despite the “surreal jetlag experience” Band of Skulls not only impressed concertgoers, they also had the opportunity to listen to a few of the other artists.  Walk the Moon stood out to them for their “lovely harmonies” and they were also particularly impressed with Atlanta’s own Constellations. 

Where are you from and Playing Atlanta
Although this was not their first time playing in Atlanta, this was the first time performing at such a huge venue in our fair city.  In past years, they have performed at Smith’s Olde Bar (another MusicManiaX hot spot) and they hope to come back soon and do a “proper” show.  We hope they do too! 

What is it like playing on such a big stage?
In the meantime, the whirlwind continues.  Just a few days after Music Midtown, they traveled to New York City to headline two sold out shows at The Mercury Lounge.  Opening for them was none other than Atlanta’s own Gringo Star.  What an amazing show that must have been.  Following the New York shows was a tour in Canada, and now they are back on the other side of the pond, getting ready for the February release of their new album with a soon to be released single, “The Devil Takes Care of His Own.” 

Three of us and two microphones
When asked to describe their creative process, all three band members lit up.  Emma and Russell described the collaborative output that each member of the team brings to their studio sessions, and Matthew agreed that they count on each other to support their artistic endeavors but still be each others’ harshest critics.  They decide together what works and what doesn’t, but explore each contribution thoroughly in order to make that decision.  As they talked about this process, it was evident that making music is something they genuinely enjoy doing together.  And when you hear them play, it is evident that they are genuinely great at it. 

What's Next for Band of Skulls?
We expect to see and hear more great things from Band of Skulls.  In addition to their upcoming album, a video which they filmed at the BBC in the days right before Music Midtown should be made available soon.  For further updates, make sure that you check out their website:

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