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The Serenaders

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We were graced with the wonderful opportunity to catch some "modern retrobilly"  by The Serenaders @ Park Tavern  October 19, 2011.  This set was part of the series Americana in The Park at Park Tavern which started Wednesday, September 7th, and goes through Wednesday, November 2nd.

Barton, Joel, and Danny have been cultivating a sound that serenades with elements of country, rockabilly, and doo-wop.  These elements provided a sweet October evening by The Serenaders supported by the bluesy sounds of Marshal Ruffin, and the good ole country harmonies of Waller, the headliner.  The warm easiness of the music, proved quite romantic and warm this night, and delivered an excellent opportunity to experience The Serenaders.  A full article and photos are on the way.  Holla Back!

Americana in The Park @ Park Tavern goes through November 2nd.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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